We are committed to the protection, preservation and conservation of Florida’s land, wetlands and wildlife habitats. Long before we begin mining, we work with scientists, engineers and environmental experts to develop detailed reclamation plans and secure regulatory approval of our operations.

Prior to mining at South Pasture, we conducted environmental surveys of the land to gain an accurate picture of the sites’ natural plant and animal life.

We are proud of the nearly 4,500 acres of previously mined lands at the South Pasture Mine that have already been restored or are in the process of being restored to create habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife.


We protect the most sensitive areas, including pristine wetlands or other habitats from mining impacts. Numerous independent scientific research projects conducted within the Peace River Basin document the effectiveness of these efforts to protect important waterways and corridors.

We conduct extensive work in preparation for successful post-mining reclamation, including a highly complex site survey, which details hydrologic, geologic and topographic profiles. In addition, each of the different wetland types onsite is evaluated individually immediately prior to construction, providing more accurate verification of site-specific hydrologic conditions.

These and many other activities ensure that reclaimed waterways, wetlands, streams and other systems will be supported hydrologically. And, in particular, that wetlands will be re-created as required by federal, state and local agencies, serving as viable, functional systems after mining and reclamation is complete.


The integrated habitat network concept – providing connected habitat corridors for wildlife –often is incorporated into reclamation design. Wildlife will repopulate these areas when habitats are properly contoured and planted. To encourage early wildlife utilization before projects mature, reclamation personnel install nesting platforms and boxes and also provide tree snags and leave piles of brush for cover.