In March 2014 Mosaic welcomed CF Industries’ phosphate employees and assets to the Mosaic team, a strategic step aimed at strengthening phosphate operations in Florida. The acquisition included phosphate mining operations and a beneficiation plant in Hardee County, a phosphate manufacturing facility in Plant City, and an ammonia terminal and finished product warehouse operation in Tampa.

Encompassing more than 25,000 acres, the South Pasture Mine is located in northwest Hardee County and employs approximately 200 full-time employees, including 140 Hardee County residents.

The mine is laid out to maximize efficiency by minimizing the distance the slurried ore (the “matrix”) must be pumped from the draglines used for mining to the beneficiation plant. The beneficiation plant processes the matrix, eliminating impurities such as sand and clay, and produces phosphate rock. The phosphate rock can then be transported by either railcar or truck to our phosphate fertilizer manufacturing facilities.