Every acre of land mined will be reclaimed.  Mosaic must reclaim the land and mitigate for the wetlands and other surface waters disturbed by mining. Mining and reclamation occurs in phases, and the FDEP and Hardee County require financial assurance from Mosaic to ensure that all reclamation is completed within a scheduled time frame.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has declared that the South Fort Meade Mine Extension property “has been substantially impacted by the conversion of the land to intensive agricultural uses,” and that associated streams have suffered as well by agricultural practices. Mosaic plans to mine or disturb 7,512 acres and reclaim every acre it mines. Streams will be reclaimed using state-of-the-art scientific modeling methods, including reclamation of streams that have been significantly altered by previous non-mining activities.

Mined acreage will be reclaimed as forested and herbaceous wetlands, bay swamps, wet prairie, other types of upland forests, pasture and “land and lakes.”  While Mosaic will reclaim 440 acres of the mined site as wetlands, an additional 2,767 acres of high quality upland and wetland habitat will be permanently conserved for future generations.

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