In July 2010, the Sierra Club, along with Manasota-88, and People for Protecting the Peace River initiated a legal challenge to permitted mining at Mosaic’s South Fort Meade facility extension in Hardee County. This opposition impacted over 220 full-time employees and halted production at the mine for more than 18 months.

On February 21, 2012, Mosaic announced a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs who had challenged the company’s federal wetlands permit at the mine. The settlement effectively concluded litigation and cleared the way for Mosaic to continue mining at the facility.

On March 28, 2012, the Federal District Court in Jacksonville approved the settlement. Mosaic resumed mining in Hardee County in April 2012.

Note: As a condition of the initial settlement agreement, Mosaic agreed to donate Peaceful Horse Ranch, a 4,414-acre tract of land in southern DeSoto County and $2 million for its upkeep to the State of Florida or, alternatively, a not-for-profit organization for permanent conservation.