Just the Facts

The entire mine property will encompass 26,853 acres of land in Hardee County and is next to Mosaic’s existing South Pasture mine.


  • 41 percent agriculture and other land uses
  • 33 percent upland cover (i.e., rangeland and forests)
  • 26 percent wetlands or other surface water


  • Jobs at the South Pasture and Four Corners mines will be sustained through access to these reserves to extend mining
  • Ad Valorem taxes to be paid to Hardee County over the life of the project
  • $270,000,000 estimated severance tax to be paid to the state of Florida over the life of the project
  • $60,000,000 estimated severance tax to be paid to Hardee County over the life of the project (amount is contingent on economic hardship funding received from all mining activities in
    the county)
  • Establishes a long-term education endowment to provide higher education opportunities for Hardee County students in STEM and agriculture programs, as well as skilled trades


  • Approximately 3,705 acres of avoided areas will be protected onsite by a conservation easement
  • Preserved areas include:
    • 100-year floodplains of Horse Creek and the West Fork of Horse Creek
    • Forested riparian habitat of the north and south portions of Brushy Creek, including Lettis
      Creek tributary
    • Wetland and upland native habitat west of Brushy Creek
    • Oak Creek headwaters north of SR 62, including a three-lobed forested wetland east of CR 663
    • A portion of the Hickory Creek stream channel


  • Every acre mined will be reclaimed
  • Pre-mining and post reclamation hydrology, land use, soils and vegetation is addressed
  • Financial assurances required by both Hardee County and FDEP
  • Will be reclaimed as herbaceous and forested wetlands, wet prairie, upland forests, pasture
    and lakes
  • Reclaimed land uses will also allow economic opportunities for agriculture, recreation, residential and commercial development


  • Wildlife surveys and monitoring have been conducted since the early 1990s
  • Wildlife on-site includes Gopher Tortoise, Gopher Frog, Florida Sandhill Crane, Audubon’s Crested Caracara, Eastern Indigo Snake, Wood Stork and Sherman’s Fox Squirrel
  • Species will be protected in accordance with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service guidelines or approved management plans


  • CSAs are vital to the operation of the mine processing and water
    recirculation systems
  • CSAs reduce amount of ground water needed for the mining process
  • CSAs are constructed to engineered standards and are rigorously inspected and maintained as required by state and local regulations
  • CSAs will constitute 24 percent of total acreage and will be reclaimed for agricultural use


  • Our existing SWFWMD Water Use Permit includes the Ona Mine
  • Approximately 90 percent of water used in mining operations is recycled
  • Excess water is released through controlled and monitored NPDES discharge points and must meet strict permit water quality limitations
  • A regulated system of monitoring wells, berms and recharge ditches will protect adjacent property and undisturbed areas


  • Mining will be set back at least 500 feet from permanent buildings, 100 feet from public right-of-ways or 50 feet from the mine property line
  • A one-quarter-mile setback is required for some future land uses specified in Hardee County’s Future Land Use Map


  • US Army Corp of Engineers – Clean Water Act Section 404 DA permit: Target issuance Q3/4 2018
  • USFWS – Threatened and Endangered Species Authorization (Biological Assessment/Opinion): Attached to 404 Permit
  • FDEP – Environmental Resources Permit (ERP), noting it provides Section 401 Clean Water Act Certification and Section 307 Coastal Zone Management: Issued
  • FDEP – Conceptual Reclamation Plan (CRP): Issued
  • Hardee County Commission – Mining Major Special Exception (MMSE1): Target BOCC Hearing Q3 2018
  • Hardee County Commission – Master Mining & Reclamation Plan/Unit (MMRP): Target BOCC Hearing Q3 2018
  • FDEP-Industrial Wastewater Facility Permit (NPDES): Will be incorporated into existing Four Corners and South Pasture NPDES permits

1 The entire Ona Mine boundary for the Hardee County MMSE and MMRP application is approximately 26,853 acres. This boundary consists of three internal subsections. Ore extraction will primarily occur within portions of the 22,483-acre tract of land referred to as “East Ona” and “West Ona.” The subsection referred to as the “Ona Fort Green Corridor” (OFGC) is approximately 4,370 acres.

The ore extracted at the Ona Mine will be hydraulically transported from West Ona to the existing Four Corners beneficiation plant and from East Ona to the South Pasture beneficiation plant.

Access to the Four Corners Plant is proposed to be provided by a mine infrastructure corridor identified as the OFGC. Located on the historic Fort Green Payne Creek Extension and Fort Green Southern Reserves mine areas, this area would be used to site and operate the infrastructure corridors and other mining activities such as a dragline walk path and clay deposition within existing and proposed clay settling areas (CSAs) on mined land.


→   Beth Niec, Sr. Manager – Mine Permitting, (813) 500-6917

→   Heather Nedley, Public Affairs Manager, (863) 773-4064